Lifesavers & Lifesaving Volunteers Around the World

Lifesavers & Lifesaving Volunteers Around the World

“When storms roll, I will come.
When waves crash, I will come.
When help is needed, I will come.
When currents are ripping, swells are foaming
and you are far, far away from shore,
Your body aches, your arms tire
and safety is just a closed door,
I am here. I am your LifeGuard.

Wherever hearts are mourning oer the loss of loved ones,
mine mourns as well.
For I know the power of her mighty waves and the ferocity of her swells.
I am here. I am your LifeGuard.

Black death looms oer your head as a giant wall of water.
In your mind your end is near, so you paddle oh, so harder.
But in your despair as if merely a glare, the heavens open wide.
You reach for my arm as I pull you from harm…
You can trust me, I am here.
I am your LifeGuard.”

– by LifeGuard Kevon Moran – 1993 (with permission) A stricken comrade…who lost the battle of his life to cancer, January 1999, at age 25.

Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol of Australia
Australian Volunteer CoastGuard
Bahamas Air-Sea Rescue Association
Bulgarian Red Cross Water Life Saving Service
Canadian Coast GuardAuxiliary
Canadian Lifeboat Institution
Koninklijke Nederlanse Redding Maatschappij – Royal Dutch Rescue Society
Eesti Piirivalve (Estonian Border Guard’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Center)
Finnish LifeBoat Society
DGZRS – German Sea Rescue Service
National Life-Saving Association of Iceland (NLAI)
Italian Lifeboat Institution Societa di Soccorso di Naufraghi
New ZealandCoastGuard Federation
Norsk Selskab til Skibbridnes Redning (Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue)
Royal National LifeboatInstitute
National Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa
Southeast Louisiana Search and Rescue
Swedish Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked Persons
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary


SWITZERLAND, which is not on the sea, runs 75 rescue craft. Boaters on Lac Leman are well cared for.

BELGIUM, GREECE, PORTUGAL, and POLAND are examples of European countries whose lifeboats are provided by the government maritime organizations. In addition, Portugal also runs a voluntary lifesaving service, founded in 1980.

The BAHAMAS, BERMUDA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, and the DUTCH ANTILLES all run sea lifesaving services, some of which is voluneer assisted.

CHINA, which is reputed to have the world’s first lifeboat service at the mouth of the Yangtse in the mid-18th Century, now has the Maritime Rescue and Salvage Bureau, founded in 1978. Although a government and commercially sponsored service, it deserves mention here.

JAPAN founded its wholly-voluntary lifeboat service in 1888, after a visit to Europe by a former British Prime Minister. It operates 87 lifeboats.

Remember, some of these organizations and their volunteers give of their time without pay to help keep the oceans, lakes, and inland waterways safe and pleasurable for the recreational boating public the world over.



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