A message from Commander Bob about his nautical trivia:

After nearly 5 years of a weekly routine of pouring over The Morrow Guide to Knots, Chapman’s, The Dictionary of Nautical Literacy, The Handy Weather Answer Book, The Boating Book, Nav Rules, Water Wise, Naval Customs and Traditions, The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea, and numerous other texts and search engines, I have decided to put Commander Bob’s Trivia to rest. Here are some parting Trivia thoughts.

Trivia has been a source of great pleasure to me over those five years, and from my correspondence with you, I know it has been enjoyable and educational for you as well. It will take me some time, I’m sure, to break a five year habit of settling into my easy chair on Trivia Eve to start my quest for the perfect Trivia question.

It also demanded a great deal of my time, and occasionally was a source of frustration. But I continued the feature knowing how much pleasure it gave you, and at the same time we were building a nice archive for boating organization publishers to help spread the word on boating safety.

I was often mystified, but at the same time complimented, at the degree by which Commander Bob’s Trivia was such an important part of the lives of several of its players, as was obvious from some of the correspondence I recieved over the years. I hope that those of you who will have a significant void in your lives from its demise will soon find other interests in which to channel your weekly craving for Trivia detective work.

To all the regular Trivia players, the Hall-of-Famers, and Trivia Centurions…thanks for your loyal support and dedication to Commander Bob’s over the years. I hope you’ll continue to support Commander Bob’s by telling your boating friends about it. I think it really can save lives. Many of us have become friends over the years, and it’s my sincere wish that we remain so. And if you get a little itchy for some Trivia, take some time to go back over the history of Commander Bob’s Trivia by visiting the Trivia Archives. I will do so often myself, and as I do, I’ll enjoy the good memories of five years of Commander Bob’s Trivia.

Commander Bob